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DE LAWEI Tango Salon

Besides musical performances and concerts, theatre De Lawei also hosts many different cultural programs, such as art shows, cinema and dance nights like the Tango Salon. For this edition of the Tango Salon they wanted a new graphical style for their posters, flyers and online campaign.


除了音乐表演和音乐会,戏剧De Lawei也举办许多不同的文化节目,如艺术展览,电影和舞蹈之夜,如探戈沙龙。对于这个版本的探戈沙龙的他们想要一个新的图形风格的海报,传单和在线活动。


Illustration & design  Phyntasize – Stefan Da Costa Gomez
Client  De Lawei

Graphic design, Illustration