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Online film ‘Verbeeldingskracht: Noodzaak voor de toekomst’ – 1’19”


Stills from the film

Promotional card to send to teachers 

98% of children are born highly gifted with a strong power of imagination. After school there’s only 2% left.

This short film explains the importance of creative and cultural education in grammar schools for the development of the imagination, creativity and identity of a child. It is meant to empower teachers and educational decision makers.




Concept & Art-direction  Phyntasize + NLCCC

Production  Phyntasize +  NLCCC

Copy  Mo Kruisman

Voice-over  Madelief – Voice Industries

D.O.P.  Marlon Gervacio

Light/gaffer Jan van Galen

Animation  RoboMG

Color grading  Loods Lux & Lumen

Music  Frank van Zwol


Girl  Senna Fatih