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MOTG (Movement on the Ground) asked me to make an appealing design for three large clothing bins for refugees at The Student Hotel on the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam. The bins also function as a conversation starter between refugees and Europeans on how to improve cities.

The Greek island of Lesvos is at the forefront of the refugee crisis in Europe. MOTG was able to help winter proof key areas on Lesvos. In November MOTG donated generators, tent heaters, lighting masts, announcement systems, blankets, hygiene equipment, crowd safety barriers, rescue equipment, medical equipment, signage and an industrial food truck.


莱斯沃斯的希腊岛屿是在欧洲难民危机的最前沿。 MOTG能够帮助在莱斯沃斯冬季证明关键领域。十一月MOTG捐赠发电机,帐幕热水器,照明桅杆,广播系统,毛毯,卫生装备,人群的安全屏障,救援设备,医疗设备,标牌和工业食品的卡车。


Illustration & design  Phyntasize – Stefan Da Costa Gomez

Agency  MAKE  Amsterdam

Client  MOTG